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Exercise in the FIRST trimester

Congratulations, you’re Pregnant! Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, your body will already have started to adapt to support the new life that’s growing inside you.

Being fit and healthy throughout pregnancy is important for both mum and baby

The first twelve weeks are often the scariest for most mums. The internet is full of advice about risk, dangers and hazards, add in the stress of keeping your news a secret (as the majority of people tend to do until that reassuring 12 week scan) and it can become a stressful period. You might like to exercise but you become frightened of doing harm to your new little one. 

Please don’t be scared, we at Stream Fitness are here to support you exercising during your pregnancy.

Unless you are considered to be a ‘high risk pregnancy’ you can absolutely still exercise during your first trimester!

We recommend that you always;

Have plenty of breaks

Keep hydrated – ensure you drink lots before, during and after exercise

Ensure you have eaten enough before exercise

Never exercise to exhaustion, even if you are used to it.

Keep cool, don’t let yourself get too hot

Stay in tune with your body, if something feels ‘off’ then stop

Always warm up and cool down properly

If you’re feeling over tired, then have the day off, never exercise when your body is asking you for rest.

One of the first things that happens in pregnancy is that your blood vessels relax, due to the release of hormones, to enable them to supply sufficient oxygen to your baby. 

This means that often a fall in blood pressure might happen, which makes you feel light-headed or dizzy – especially if you stand up too quickly. This is also one of the causes of that sudden and inhibiting tiredness you might be feeling, or the racing pulse and cold sweats.  These are nothing to panic about and are perfectly normal reactions, however if you do get so dizzy you collapse or feel so unwell you are worried then make a call to your Midwife or GP and stop exercising until they give you clearance to continue.

It is important to be aware of a hormone called ‘Relaxin.’ This softens the ligaments and cartilage at the joints (and also the cervix) which allows them to expand during birth.  Relaxin begins to rise from the first trimester and peaks in the second trimester, so it’s vital you know about it now.  It affects your exercise because you’re likely to experience more instability than you’re used to in your joints, this means that high impact, fast, dynamic movements or quick changes of direction should be avoided due to the increased risk of strains and sprains.

Aerobic activity is fine during pregnancy and your first trimester (we recommend that if you’re doing this alone then make sure you have a phone to hand just in case you need to call for assistance).

Never exercise at high intensity, so avoid those interval sessions and long hard efforts.  The guideline is to never go above 70% of your max heart rate. (The most generic way of finding your max heart rate is to take 220 minus your age, so if you are 30 years old, your max heart rate is 190 beats per minute and your 70% limit is 133bpm)

Running is fine to continue, if this is something that your body is used to.

Strengthening your core is important during pregnancy, however, you may have heard of Diastasis Recti, which is the separation of your stomach muscles and is very common. If a woman is experiencing Diastasis Recti during pregnancy then planks, press ups and crunches (sit ups) should be avoided, it is for this reason that we at

Stream Fitness avoid these completely – just in case you have a small separation that you aren’t aware of.

Exercise should always be started after the go-ahead from your Doctor or Midwife, check that you are a low risk pregnancy and that you are free to exercise.

Stream Fitness offers regular pregnancy exercises for all trimesters, catering for all abilities, shapes and sizes. Our classes are interactive, we encourage you to interact with the instructor and allow live feedback and corrections to postures to ensure that you are performing your exercises in the safest possible way.

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