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The MMP is Crowdfunding!

You might be wondering why I’ve been posting for people to crowdfund me? Why I’m not just funding my business myself?

It’s not about raising lots of money, it’s about being part of a competition which mentors and supports women starting a new business idea. It’s about showing that you have faith in me and the business idea, to help give confidence to support those ideas.

Throughout the process we have had support from NatWest Back Her Business scheme, I wouldn’t have got this anywhere else. There is also a substantial non-repayable investment at the end for the best female business idea, I genuinely believe I might have a good chance at this, or at least the top 4.

The reason for crowdfunding is to prove that I have support, that people believe in me and in my business idea.

I’m not asking everyone for lots of money. Just a pledge of £3 would be fantastic if you aren’t interested in the rewards on offer. It gives me an extra ‘supporter’ and a step closer to getting media coverage and further business mentoring.

The best bit is that you can get a membership and at fantastic price! Scroll to rewards and grab yourself a bargain, be part of the revolution in getting more women to workout.

Its fun, it's sociable and it's convenient. It works. Join Us!

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